Adventures in Ethien

Let the Games Begin!!

5th Session (Maybe?)…

A Noise in the Dark…
Yume was awoken in the middle of the night by a character on top of the wardrobe. They quickly lept out of the window onto the building oposite and started to run. Yume followed out of the window just barely catching herself as she landed on the roof of the building.

She followed chasing this mysterious character over rooftops, jumping the gaps when they appeared. As they neared the river that runs throught the city of Asthor, Yume saw them slink out of the shadows, still running, and jump gracefully into the water head first. Again Yume did not hesitate to follow. The water was freezing cold. Yume started to swim. The cold water sapping her strength with made her lungs burn for air. Just as her lungs were about to fail, a bottle of seemingly infinite amount of air was shoved into her mouth. The shady character from earlier motioned for her to follow through the water.

It wasn’t too long before they saw a faint light and the hooded character satrted to swim up to the light. They broke the surface inside a building. There were a few simialrly clad people to the person who Yume followed standing in the building. The shadows seemed to wrap around the silhouetes of these people bluring the edges. With the conversations she had, and the appearance Yume deduced that these people were a part of the Thieves Guild of Asthor. (I can’t remember this converstation at all). Yume’s way back was a lot more uneventful but she was allowed to keep the bottle of seemingly infinite air. Her greatest challenge was still to come. The dangerous climb back up into the room was the most treacherous journey to come. WIth the combined exhaustion of the nights excursion and the previous day, the challenge of the wall was proving too much. The normally gracefull Yume was scrabling up the wall like a rat trying to get out of a bucket. When Yume did eventually get up she was very gratefull that none of her companions were awake to see that embaressing moment.

The Arena
Bombor(Gregor) was waiting at the reception of the University the next morning waiting to inform the party of the time of their bout. He seemed quite fraseled and mumbled out that we only had just over an hour to get to the arena for the match. Elodie, Elandir and Amy head to the inn where the rest of the party are staying to pick them up. From there the party made a beeline to The Arena for the matchup. Yume had seen a red haired Elven woman compete in the arhcery contest the day before and she, along with four others would be the oponents for the bout. Yume also overheard that no one was giving the CATS any shot at winning against this local team of heros.

As the party were lead down to the starting gate they could see that the layout of the arena had changed. The pillars were still in place but there was an L shaped structure that connexted most of the pillars. This top of the L was pointing towards the CATS and this is where it was also at its lowest point.

As soon as the battle started Elodie cast Spike Growth encompasing the area just outside the opposing teams starting area which did a devastating amount of damage. This quickly gave the upper hand to the CATS who won the battle without a single member of their team being put in the infimary. Bombor(Gregor) was quite amased that the CATS had beaten the opposition as no one gave the CATS any hope.

The Sewers…

With the rest of the day off the party headed off to start searching for a part of the potion list given to the party by Tobias, the Scholar from the tower of conviction. There was reports of a lot of spiders in the sewers where they had appeared out of just two days earlier. The environment also matched the description of where a Chitinous Chuul liked to live.

While not many spiders were encountered a large circular room where it apeared that the waste water was filtered somehow. This water also contained black sludge like creatures called black puddings. They knocked Elandir unconcious and if were not for Elodie beast shifting into a very very large and magnificient Lion he would have been killed.

In the next room two people were talking. As the party got closer they fled with one person doubling back towards an entrance and another disappearing down a passage. The man who doubled back was intimidated to varying degrees of sucess but passage into the high class central island was bargained.

A little time after, a new cavern was discovered. There seemed to be a nest with medium sized holes dotted throughout the nest. It is at this point when the Chitinous Chuul shows its pressence. The BAttle is long enough and there are a couple of close calls with some people coming close enough to unconsciousness. The Chuul was defeated and successfully harvested for its shell which is required for Tobias’ list. An annex to the room the Chuul seemed bare and empty. There was just a helmet that seemed to float in the corner. Elodie runs forward in wolf form and gets stuck. She had jumped into a creature called the Cube. Elandir quickly ran up and pulled her out of the clear jelly like acidic substance. The Cube was killed after some nervous moments with the party being unsure as to what it could do.

After the Cube was dealt with, some of the openings to the outside had silvery light flowing down from them. This silvery light was from the moon. At this point the party realised how tired they actually were. There was a small narrow room that looked to be perfect for taking a long rest in. In a corner of this room was a chest. As Yume got near to the chest it came alive. What followed was a battle where the members of the party were more of a threat to each other than the chest. Not sure if we went back to where we were staying or if we stayed in this little room just off the main corridor

A day in the city
Session 4

Missing Grim Lowbacca and Cosmo

Starflower wakes up in northwall temple. Ferric asks her to look into a desecrated temple near volthrym. Grim stays meditating. Starflower swings by the spire of conviction to try spot the others who stayed there.

When Amy Elodie and Elandir they find a breakfast tray outside their door with a note saying courtesy of Lokerai. After having their breakfast they leave their room and take the teleportation circle down to the reception where they met Tolly. She informed them of the fight week currently taking place in the arena that the university has a team in.

The group head toward the golden pail inn where yume had told them she was staying. On the way Amy spotted a wanted poster for two criminals one of which she recognised but couldn’t place. Starflower pointed out it was the assassin leader who got away after attacking them on the mountain a few days previous. Elandir was still confused. He took the poster with him.

At the golden pail yume found herself to be the first awake. She left her shared room, leaving lowbacca and Cosmo sleeping. She headed downstairs and ordered breakfast waiting for the others to arrive like they had planned. There was no sign of the bar owner Sergec who she had spoken with the day before about buying high rock inn.

Eventually the group was reunited in the golden pail and they decided they would follow up about the fight week. On their way to the arena most of the party stumble upon one girl dragging her petrified friend out of an alley way. Elandir was still distracted trying to work out who was on that poster. The girl informed the group that her friend had been attacked by giant spiders. The party crept up the alley to find a small courtyard. Sewer grates on the ground on either side of the well were completely covered with webs.

Yume tried to cover one of the sewer grates with her scraps of leather but triggered the sensitive webs alerting a handful of spiders to their presence. Two giant wolf spiders showed themselves and attacked the party. While they were fighting there was a blue flash of light and a white spider with blue markings appeared out of the ether. It rushed up and attacked Elandir dealing a huge unexpected blow to him. The party managed to dispatch the spiders and both Elandir and Yume managed to salvage a spider fang each.

The group eventually made it to the arena where they found the games already underway. They found Gregor in the training area beneath the arena and they registered the team for the tournament. Some of the party stayed in the training area and bought some new weapons while the rest of the team split up and found the rest of the party. Starflower found grim in the temple exactly where he was that morning. The rest of the group found lowbacca trying to get Cosmo down from the top of a wardrobe in the inn.

Eventually the party were ready for their preliminary fight in the arena. They were led into the arena by gregor to the cheers of the crowd. The iron gate behind them closed silently and their challenge was laid out in front of them. To the left two firesnakes came hissing into the arena their manes bursting into flames at the sight of the party. A huge hulking bulette came battering into the arena ahead of them seemingly quite annoyed to have been disturbed from its regular subterranean habitat. The third gate opened and a chunky 8 legged blue lizard strolled into the arena.

The bulette charged the front of the party with Starflower taking the brunt of the damage. With one bite Starflower went limp in the creatures mouth just before being teleported out of the arena. Elodie cast * slowing the bulette and fire snakes. Amy got into a flanking position and showed off her new maul to the fire snakes. Elandir spotted the blue lizard moving up on the other side of the arena. Their eyes met and Elandir felt the petrifying gaze of the basalisk trying to freeze him but he managed to shake it off. Elodie transformed into a bear and tore an armor plate off the bulette. Yume climbed one of the pillars in the arena Elodie in bear form began to fight the basalisk. Her muscles began to tense and seize but she pushed through it and tore a chunk out of its neck.

The party won 250 gold each for winning the match and are now through to the knockout stages. After leaving the arena the party decide to go to the brotherhood of the shield and ask about the wanted poster they found. They discovered from one of the maesters there that the man that attacked them is a human named ###, he is an assassin and is wanted for consorting with extra planar entities. There is also a second person on the wanted poster who is named ###, the party was told. Both are worth 5000 gold to the brotherhood of shield.

The party began to head their separate ways for the evening. Yume decided to ask around about the charlatan, the culprit of some serial killings. She asked some guards and decided to creep around marshbottom slums in search of some clues. She eventually found the central area of the slums and climbed up on a roof top and watched the area for a while. It seemed very quiet and not many people passed by.

Elandir, Elodie, Starflower and Amy began traveling back toward the north of the city. On the way they pass by the lane where they had encountered the spiders earlier. There are now some guards guarding the lane preventing people from entering. Elandir explains to the guards that they were they ones who delt with the spiders and that there may be more. The party decide to investigate more and after stopping Starflower from nearly falling in to the well, Amy spots a large creature down the well with dozens of legs. Elandir was certain that this is the creature he read about in the book.

Starflower heads back to the temple and secured a bed each for herself and grim. Feric didn’t give an explanation as to why the beds were available.

Elodie, Elandir and Amy headed back to the university and decide to spend some time researching more of the ingredients that Tobias asked them to find. Before heading to the library they went to the food hall where Elodie showed them the simple incantation to order food from the kitchen. Both Elandir and Amy were able to perform the incantation however they did make a bit of a mess thanks to their lack of practice.

On the road to Asthor
Session 3

Waking up well rested in the inn the party began to make breakfast. When stepping outside Elandir found Corsire feeding the warg he was transporting. A large dire wolf bounded down the side of the mountain towards the inn.
Just as it neared and the party was readied for combat the wolf shapeshifted back into Elodie. The party decided to continue on the road towards Asthor.

Along the way the party spot two people arguing at a farm. Upon investigating it turns out to be a struggling farmer named Howard and his daughter Linny.
His sons had left to find out why the nearby river had dried up threatening the well being of the farm.
The party agree to investigate and leave Cosmo with Corsire and their bandit prisoner.
The party follow the river back upstream and find one of the farmers sons unconscious in the mud.
They give him some basic healing and send him back to the farm with his sister.
Continuing on the party find two warring water elementals draining the river.
Next to these water elementals the party find the second brother dead in the mud.
Fighting off the elementals the party bring the sons body back to the farm where they have a proper burial for him.
Saying their goodbyes and refusing a reward the party continue toward Asthor.
Upon reaching the gate they find a rich merchant arguing with the guards. The party avoid the conflict and allow the guards to search their bags.
They are informed of a serial killer on the loose known as the Charlatan.
Once inside the city the party split up.
Lowbacca and Starflower went to the brothel.
Grim and Cosmo brought the bandit prisoner to the barracks.
Elodie, Elandir and Amy went to the spire of conviction in search of information about the brick.
Yume went in search of the thieves guild.
Grim and Cosmo registered the group for the adventurers guild and turned in their prisoner.
They then headed to the spire of conviction.
At the spire Elodie, Elandir and Amy began to explain to Lokerai about the brick and how they found it.
Once Grim and Cosmo showed up Lokerai called her collegue Kosrus from the obelisk of wrath.
Between them the began inspecting the brick but were unable to discern much about it.
They requested that they have the brick for a longer period of time to perform more investigations.
Kosrus cast friends on Cosmo to persuade him to hand over the brick.
On leaving Elodie was approached by Tobias a wizard in the college asking her to help find some rare ingredients.
Starflower left the brothel and headed to a nearby temple.
She ended up walking into a temple that had recently been desecrated and there were now two banshees roaming around.
She gave her armor to one of the priests and told them to go get help.
Grim Cosmo Lowbacca and Amy show up after finding out from the adventurers guild that a temple was requesting help.
After dispatching the banshees starflower went in search of her armor and found the priest in the adventurers guild hall.
Meanwhile Yumeasked around about the thieves guild.
She also found an expensive looking inn called the golden pail where she informed the owner Sergec about Lilly’s offer to sell her tavern.
She also worked out a deal for a room for the night.
Elandir went to an elven specialty shop where he then bumped into Yume.
The owner was preoccupied with keeping an eye on the halfling and didn’t have much time for Elandir.
Elandir then returned to the library at the college where he began researching the ingredients the wizard had asked them about .
The party met up outside the college shortly after and made plans for where they would spend the night.
Amy Elodie and Elandir stayed in the college.
Yume Lowbacca and Cosmo stayed in the golden pail.
Grim and starflower headed to the northwall temple they had helped clear out.

Down the mountain
Session Two

Most of the group headed downstairs in the inn and got a breakfast presented to them by Lilly the bartender. Lilly asked them to help her sell the inn by finding a buyer for her in Asthor. Yume and Amy managed to persuade her to give them an increased rate so in exchange she will give them 11% of the sale of the inn. The two elves were missing at breakfast however Grim and Starflower met the rest of the group in the inn after spending the night meditating under a waterfall with Dekelai.

The party soon set out, following the road south down the mountain face. Shortly after leaving the town they managed to foil a bugbear ambush by noticing a thin smoke trail from their camp fire. The party quickly dispatched them and threw a few of them over the cliff edge. After carrying on down the mountain for some time the party noticed a crashed cart hanging in some trees growing out of the side of the rock. The party decided to lower Cosmo down on a rope to see if there was any loot in the cart.

Shortly after looting the cart a storm rolled in and a bolt of lightning caused a rock fall injuring some of the party. The group decided it would be best to take shelter somewhere and they found a small cave to get away from the elements. Elandir tried to sneak up on the party but as he was in the middle of doing so the party stumbled upon a familiar symbol painted on the wall of a passage in the back of the cave. It was the rams skull of Orcus painted hastily on the wall. At this stage the party was beset upon by a group of assassins lead by a human with a tattoo of a rams skull on his face. Quickly the battle began to turn sour for the assassins and their leader fled. Elandir tried to follow him out of the cave but he was already obscured by the storm that made them seek shelter in the first place.

After making sure the cave was clear the party rested in the cave for the night. Next morning set out no sign of the leader but the party decided to continue on down the mountain face. Soon they came across a stream which seemed to have swollen due to the rain the night before. The stream shone with gold flakes running through it. While Lowbacca sifted through it the party were attacked by pseudodragons.
Cosmo managed to befriend one of them and the rest were dispatched by the party.

With their new friend the party continued on until they came across a trader stopped by some bandits. The halfling trader, Corsire, was refusing to pay the bandits and a scuffle was beginning. The party intervened killing most of the bandits and Grim captured the captain. Corsire suggested that they stay at a nearby inn named the drunken badger for the evening. Upon reaching the inn the party get food and drink and some members began to fall unconscious from a suspiciously small amount of alcohol. The bartender made a dash for the basement and the remaining party members raced after him. They made it down in enough time to see a doppleganger cutting the throat of the inn keeper. The party killed the doppelganger and stayed at the inn with Corsire.

You meet in an inn......
Session one

The party meets

The adventure begins with a group of adventurers coming from various backgrounds and many walks of life all meeting in High Rock with a common purpose. To get themselves some gold. Finding a notice from the High Rock branch of the Obsidian Picks the adventurers decide to do a ‘simple’ dungeon sweep to clear it of the un-dead that have been pouring out of a new mine after they seemingly tunnelled into some sort of Dwarven ruin. The party meets up in the guildhall of the obsidian picks where they meet a half elf named Jandar.

Into the mine…..

Jandar explains to the party their job and gives them a few healing potions and the promise of gold should they successfully clear the mine of un-dead. After being shown to the mine entrance the group follow the tunnel deep into the earth. Most of the party narrowly missed an accident involving a mine cart but Yume the party’s rogue was not so lucky. As they reached the newer portion of the mine they began to find traces of un-dead. Dwarven zombies had begun to pour from the ruin and into the mine. The party fought them off without sustaining too much damage except for the gnome wizard Cosmo who got a bit too close to one of the zombies and needed a bit of help to block them off.

He looks angry.

Finding a secret door near the entrance the party took a shortcut further into the ruin. They managed to stumble upon a rotten shambling zombie ogre fighting with two giant rats. The rats were busy gnawing at the ogres shins and weren’t too much of a fight for the party. The ogre proved a slightly tougher battle knocking the wind out of Grim the half orc paladin. The party rested and then decided to investigate the rest of the ruin they had skipped. After discovering that they had come up behind a puzzle door Elandir and Amy moved ahead and set off a spear trap with Amy taking the brunt of the damage. A bit of looting later and the party began to turn their attention toward the only unexplored corridor in the ogres chamber.

A Brain Holiday?

Yume the rogue and Elandir the ranger stealthily went ahead to check out the next room. They found a long rotten corpse with a bag of holding and a diary. The diary warned them of an impending danger that must be destroyed. The rogue took the bag of holding to assist with her kleptomaniac tendencies. The party then noticed that the room was completely empty apart from a raised alter with a small black brick sitting on it. The party began to investigate the brick to see what it might be and to see if there were any clues in the diary however they could only discern that it seemed to be drawing all the heat from the room. As the party was debating what they should do with it Cosmo the wizard walked up and grabbed the brick. He immediately had a vision of a floating island, a sea of un-dead and the cackling sickly image of Orcus the daemon god of un-death.

Time to get out!

Once the brick was removed from the pedestal the ruin began to cave in. The party was forced to flee to avoid being trapped beneath the falling rocks and rubble. Jandar heard the rumbling as did many of the towns folk and he rushed to the entrance of the mine. There he met the party and paid them for clearing the mine out. When the party showed him the brick he suggested that they take it to the nearby Eigo monks, a monastic order that trains and meditates in the harsh mountainous weather. Grim decided he would carry Cosmo to the Monastery since he seemed to be happy sitting on the floor cuddling the brick. The rest of the party decided to wander around the market. The party met an eccentric old man who was very eager to sell some of his explosives and magical trinkets to the party. The price of a few were too prohibitive for several members so they decided to try and take them for them selves. Both Yume and Amy were left with pretty sore hands as the old man caught them stealing.

A wise man once said.

In the monastery Grim, Cosmo and Lowbacca were greeted by a white scaled dragonborn named Dekelai. The monk told them that this brick was indeed an immense evil however he was unable to discern the full details of what it was. He suggested that the party bring the stone to the capitol city Asthor as there are many mages there and two schools of magic so they may be able to tell the party exactly what this stone is. During this conversation the rest of the party showed up and Dekelai invited Grim and Starflower to join him in meditating. They agreed and the rest of the party left to find the inn. Dekelai lead Grim and Starflower to a cave behind the monastary where three waterfalls poured into the chamber from above. The three meditated here for some time.

What happens in the inn stays in the inn….

The rest of the party went to the nearby inn. Here they found a small crowd and rented rooms for the night from Lilly the bar owner. Amy and Lowbacca tried but unsuccessfully flirted with Lilly in an effort to get a free room by sharing her bed. A few card tricks won Yume her gold back to cover her room and the rest of the party began to settle down for the evening with Cosmo, Lowbacca and Yume sharing a room, Elodie and Elandir sharing another and Amy keeping to herself and getting her own room.


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