Adventures in Ethien

Down the mountain

Session Two

Most of the group headed downstairs in the inn and got a breakfast presented to them by Lilly the bartender. Lilly asked them to help her sell the inn by finding a buyer for her in Asthor. Yume and Amy managed to persuade her to give them an increased rate so in exchange she will give them 11% of the sale of the inn. The two elves were missing at breakfast however Grim and Starflower met the rest of the group in the inn after spending the night meditating under a waterfall with Dekelai.

The party soon set out, following the road south down the mountain face. Shortly after leaving the town they managed to foil a bugbear ambush by noticing a thin smoke trail from their camp fire. The party quickly dispatched them and threw a few of them over the cliff edge. After carrying on down the mountain for some time the party noticed a crashed cart hanging in some trees growing out of the side of the rock. The party decided to lower Cosmo down on a rope to see if there was any loot in the cart.

Shortly after looting the cart a storm rolled in and a bolt of lightning caused a rock fall injuring some of the party. The group decided it would be best to take shelter somewhere and they found a small cave to get away from the elements. Elandir tried to sneak up on the party but as he was in the middle of doing so the party stumbled upon a familiar symbol painted on the wall of a passage in the back of the cave. It was the rams skull of Orcus painted hastily on the wall. At this stage the party was beset upon by a group of assassins lead by a human with a tattoo of a rams skull on his face. Quickly the battle began to turn sour for the assassins and their leader fled. Elandir tried to follow him out of the cave but he was already obscured by the storm that made them seek shelter in the first place.

After making sure the cave was clear the party rested in the cave for the night. Next morning set out no sign of the leader but the party decided to continue on down the mountain face. Soon they came across a stream which seemed to have swollen due to the rain the night before. The stream shone with gold flakes running through it. While Lowbacca sifted through it the party were attacked by pseudodragons.
Cosmo managed to befriend one of them and the rest were dispatched by the party.

With their new friend the party continued on until they came across a trader stopped by some bandits. The halfling trader, Corsire, was refusing to pay the bandits and a scuffle was beginning. The party intervened killing most of the bandits and Grim captured the captain. Corsire suggested that they stay at a nearby inn named the drunken badger for the evening. Upon reaching the inn the party get food and drink and some members began to fall unconscious from a suspiciously small amount of alcohol. The bartender made a dash for the basement and the remaining party members raced after him. They made it down in enough time to see a doppleganger cutting the throat of the inn keeper. The party killed the doppelganger and stayed at the inn with Corsire.



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