Adventures in Ethien

On the road to Asthor

Session 3

Waking up well rested in the inn the party began to make breakfast. When stepping outside Elandir found Corsire feeding the warg he was transporting. A large dire wolf bounded down the side of the mountain towards the inn.
Just as it neared and the party was readied for combat the wolf shapeshifted back into Elodie. The party decided to continue on the road towards Asthor.

Along the way the party spot two people arguing at a farm. Upon investigating it turns out to be a struggling farmer named Howard and his daughter Linny.
His sons had left to find out why the nearby river had dried up threatening the well being of the farm.
The party agree to investigate and leave Cosmo with Corsire and their bandit prisoner.
The party follow the river back upstream and find one of the farmers sons unconscious in the mud.
They give him some basic healing and send him back to the farm with his sister.
Continuing on the party find two warring water elementals draining the river.
Next to these water elementals the party find the second brother dead in the mud.
Fighting off the elementals the party bring the sons body back to the farm where they have a proper burial for him.
Saying their goodbyes and refusing a reward the party continue toward Asthor.
Upon reaching the gate they find a rich merchant arguing with the guards. The party avoid the conflict and allow the guards to search their bags.
They are informed of a serial killer on the loose known as the Charlatan.
Once inside the city the party split up.
Lowbacca and Starflower went to the brothel.
Grim and Cosmo brought the bandit prisoner to the barracks.
Elodie, Elandir and Amy went to the spire of conviction in search of information about the brick.
Yume went in search of the thieves guild.
Grim and Cosmo registered the group for the adventurers guild and turned in their prisoner.
They then headed to the spire of conviction.
At the spire Elodie, Elandir and Amy began to explain to Lokerai about the brick and how they found it.
Once Grim and Cosmo showed up Lokerai called her collegue Kosrus from the obelisk of wrath.
Between them the began inspecting the brick but were unable to discern much about it.
They requested that they have the brick for a longer period of time to perform more investigations.
Kosrus cast friends on Cosmo to persuade him to hand over the brick.
On leaving Elodie was approached by Tobias a wizard in the college asking her to help find some rare ingredients.
Starflower left the brothel and headed to a nearby temple.
She ended up walking into a temple that had recently been desecrated and there were now two banshees roaming around.
She gave her armor to one of the priests and told them to go get help.
Grim Cosmo Lowbacca and Amy show up after finding out from the adventurers guild that a temple was requesting help.
After dispatching the banshees starflower went in search of her armor and found the priest in the adventurers guild hall.
Meanwhile Yumeasked around about the thieves guild.
She also found an expensive looking inn called the golden pail where she informed the owner Sergec about Lilly’s offer to sell her tavern.
She also worked out a deal for a room for the night.
Elandir went to an elven specialty shop where he then bumped into Yume.
The owner was preoccupied with keeping an eye on the halfling and didn’t have much time for Elandir.
Elandir then returned to the library at the college where he began researching the ingredients the wizard had asked them about .
The party met up outside the college shortly after and made plans for where they would spend the night.
Amy Elodie and Elandir stayed in the college.
Yume Lowbacca and Cosmo stayed in the golden pail.
Grim and starflower headed to the northwall temple they had helped clear out.



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